would like to talk about the migration patterns of the deer around Atlanta Idaho. I have hunted there for the past 6 years and want to learn more. also would liek to hear info about the number of wolves you estimate to be in unit 39?


Mule deer in Unit 39 typically follow the major drainages starting at the head of the South Fork, Middle Fork and North Fork Boise Rivers.  Deer found in Graham/Atlanta during summer will follow the drainages down to Boise River WMA by December/January.  Some deer following the South Fork drainage will winter along the Danskin Front.  Deer will not migrate until snow pushes them out of the high country.
As of the end of 2011 there was an estimated 116 wolves in 16 packs in the Sawtooth Wolf Management Zone (Unit 33, 34, 35, 36, and 39). The estimate in unit 39 was 4 packs with 31 wolves.  This number does not represent all wolves that may be found in the Unit (but probably most of the wolves between the North Fork, Middle Fork and South Fork Boise Rivers).  There are an additional 2-3 packs that winter in Lowman/Garden Valley but share a summer range with Unit 33/35 and Unit 39.  My professional guess for Unit 39 including overlapping wolves would be < 50. 

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Monday, August 27, 2012 - 3:41 PM MDT