Would I need any special permits to breed and sell box turtles in Custer County?

I was looking into breeding box turtles and I was wondering if any special permits would be required.


Breeding box turtles in Idaho would not require much in the way of permits.  Idaho Department of Fish and Game would require a commercial wildlife permit to sell the animals, and the US Dept of Agriculture would require a permit if your sales were large.  Both the Idaho Dept of Fish and Game and Dept of Ag would require import permits for any animals that are brought into Idaho from outside of the state.  Call the IDFG at 208-454-7638 for any other info needed
Yes, you would need a permit from Idaho State Dept. of Agriculture.  They regulate commercial sale of domesticated wildlife in Idaho.

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Thursday, January 23, 2014 - 2:57 PM MST