Wolves circling deer in our field.

I watched 2 wolves circling a deer in our field this morning about 75 yards or less from my front door. I'm a woman and don't hunt, but I do target practice with my husband. Is it legal for me to shoot a wolf to protect my animals, horses, mules, and dog, without a license and tag in Idaho. I would hate to watch as they took down one of our animals and couldn't do anything about it? I live in Idaho. Thank you so much for any answers.


Pet and livestock owners are allowed to protect their animals from molesting or attacking wolves, including the shooting of, without the need of a license or tag.  Pasted below is the Idaho Statute that provides the rights and limitations for protecting pets and livestock.
(c) Control of Depredation of Wolves. Wolves may be disposed of by livestock or domestic animal owners, their employees, agents and animal damage control personnel when the same are molesting or attacking livestock or domestic animals and it shall not be necessary to obtain any permit from the department. Wolves so taken shall be reported to the director within seventy-two (72) hours, with additional reasonable time allowed if access to the site where taken is limited. Wolves so taken shall remain the property of the state. Livestock and domestic animal owners may take all nonlethal steps they deem necessary to protect their property. A permit must be obtained from the director to control wolves not molesting or attacking livestock or domestic animals. Control is also permitted by owners, their employees and agents pursuant to the Idaho department of fish and game harvest rules. For the purposes of this subsection (c), "molesting" shall mean the actions of a wolf that are annoying, disturbing or persecuting, especially with hostile intent or injurious effect, or chasing, driving, flushing, worrying, following after or on the trail of, or stalking or lying in wait for, livestock or domestic animals.

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Thursday, February 21, 2013 - 10:49 AM MST