Is the Wildlife Summit legal?

My concern is that IDFG is suppose to manage Idaho wildlife under the law of Section Code 36-103. No one I talk to knows about the Wildlife Summit, as they don't get on computers, or the "agenda" behind having anti-hunting groups, elitist sportsmen groups, any 501-3c group, who have membership out of the state of Idaho, and their own agendas to be deciding how to "fund" IDFG, now they are broke.
How come the Idaho voting citizen is being taken out of the equation, by circumventing our elected officials???
From what I'm studying this Summit is actually not legal.


Idaho Fish and Game is planning a kickoff announcement on June 5 with registration opening soon thereafter.  We encourage all Idahoans who care about wildlife to participate in the Summit either by coming to Boise, going to a one of the regional events or online.  We can send you outreach materials and would greatly appreciate you to encourage family, friends and colleagues to participate.  Although the funding of wildlife management in Idaho will be discussed at the Summit, no decisions are going to be made about how to fund Idaho Fish and Game.  The Summit is the first step in building the capacity to manage wildlife given the challenges we have today that weren't even on the radar in 1938 (endangered and threatened species, development, habitat loss, urbanization) when Idahoans passed our state's first citizens initiative creating the Idaho Fish and Game Commission and department 74 years ago. We hope the Summit ignites the kind of enthusiasm displayed in 1938 when Idahoans made that historic commitment to manage and protect wildlife in Idaho.  In 2008, when we proposed our last fee increase (supported by approximately 90 hunting and fishing groups and all of Idaho's daily newspapers)  Idaho Fish and Game promised to find new ways to pay for managing the 80 percent of Idaho wildlife that is not hunted and fished, but which the department is still responsible for.  Only one percent of the Fish and Game budget is used to manage that 80 percent.  Hunters, anglers and trappers understandably want their license fees spent on the wildlife they pursue.   The Summit is the first step in following through on that pledge.  Every Idaho citizen is encouraged to participate in the Summit and to be involved in wildlife management by coming to scoping meetings, Commission meetings, volunteering to teach Hunter Education or to improve habitat, and buying a license to hunt and fish.  The Summit is an open meeting.  Elected officials are welcome and encouraged to attend.  Commissioners are going to attend as well, and the Summit will be noticed as an open meeting under Idaho's Open Meetings Law.  Nothing about Idaho wildlife law under Section Code 36-103 will change.  The Summit is about bringing Idahoans together to help us begin to plan for the future to ensure we provide an abundant wildlife resource for you, your children and grandchildren.  

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Wednesday, May 30, 2012 - 4:58 PM MDT