Why must I pay for a non resident license just to apply for a controlled hunt if i have only a 1in 6 or so chance of being successfull ($154.75 is a very steep aplication fee) Why not buy the licence if successfull?


The reason we require a nonresident hunting license purchase in order to put in for our controlled hunt tags is primarily to increase drawing odds for nonresidents. The effect of requiring a license did decrease the number of nonresidents applications, but the hunters serious about coming to Idaho for a controlled hunt continue to stick with the process. As for the draw odds, if you look at premiium hunts in other states the draw odds are even less than comparable hunts in Idaho. The nice thing is that Idaho, different from all other western states, has lots of over the counter tags for deer and elk, so you can always come hunt deer and elk without having to draw a controlled hunt tag.

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Friday, January 25, 2013 - 12:14 PM MST