Why is killing wildlife ... state resources...(for prizes) okay for private individuals to make money? This seems wrong on all counts.

why is it that private individuals can personally profit from killing resources in a carnival-like atmosphere? Resources that belong to everyone? Are you aware of how you are offending so many people?


Idaho Fish and Game has not been asked and will not provide any financial support or logistical support for this event.
13 years ago, the Idaho Fish and Game Commission adopted a Predator Management Policy that states “Fish and Game will not support any contests or similar activities involving the taking of predators which may portray hunting in an unethical fashion, devalue the predator, and which may be offensive to the general public.”
All participants are still required to obey the rules and current season frameworks such as season, method of take, licensing and reporting just like participants in a big buck contest. Fish and Game will conduct routine patrols to ensure current hunting rules and seasons are being followed.  If there are reports of unlawful activity associated with this derby or any other hunting activity, Fish and Game will investigate.
Fish and Game serves as the public trust manager for Idaho’s wildlife.  The agency takes direction from the trustees – the Fish and Game Commission, the Governor and the Legislature.  If they decide to restrict or require permits for these types of activities, then Fish and Game will implement those policy decisions.

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Monday, December 30, 2013 - 8:59 AM MST