Why isn't the fire closure boundary current?

I LOVE the MODIS interface you are offering with the hunt planner, thank you. However I just wanted to point out that for some fires (Sheep Fire for example), the fire closure boundary that is currently enacted by the USFS is not even showing up on the interface. When the "fire closure" layer is checked, it shows up for some fires (Mustang Complex, Halstead as examples), but not others. FYI, the USFS has closed the entire forest area from White Bird to Riggins, and from US95 to the wilderness boundary. It would be helpful and save some people time/$$ if this was updated. Thanks for your efforts!


Thanks for letting us know!  Up until today we have only been showing active closures for the Mustang Complex, Halstead and Trinity Ridge fires.  To the best of our knowledge there is no statewide or nationwide fire closure layer, so we have been manually updating these layers as new closures come to our attention.  If you know of a data source for this, we're all ears!  Contact our IFWIS team maintaining the Huntplanner directly at https://fishandgame.idaho.gov/ifwis/portal/contact#huntplanner
The other reason we haven't been including other fires is well, we chase a lot of metaphorical fires around here, and we missed that there was a new closure in the state.  Our bad.  I'll check on this Sheep Fire closure right now and try to get it online before noon tomorrow.  Thanks again!a
UPDATE Sept 14, 2012 6:45PM MST
Today we received numerous updates from the USFS and digitized another four closures ourselves.  As of this post, all active fire area closures in Idaho (and one in Montana) are depicted in both the Huntplanner MapCenter and the IDFG Fire Map.  Furthermore, now you can click each closure to see a popup with information about the closure order, date of closure and link to Inciweb with the full closure text.  Also new in the Huntplanner is a layer with the Infared-generated active fire boundaries updated nightly where flown (keep in mind not all fires are flown regularly).
At this time there we are displaying fifteen active closures in Idaho across nine separate incidents.


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Friday, September 14, 2012 - 6:53 PM MDT