Why is a Hunters Ed Card "required" to hunt an "Archery Only" season when Bowhunter Ed was completed and passed? Other states don't require both cards during an Archery Only season but require an upland game stamp to hunt them during Archery Only seasons.


If the hunter was born January 1, 1975 or later they must take hunter education or show proof they have held a valid hunting license in another state. 
Everyone  who wants to hunt in an archery-only season in Idaho must take an archery education class or provide proof that they have taken one in another state or have had archery experience in another state.
The only time that both the hunter education card and the archery permit are required is when the hunter was born January 1, 1975 or later AND they will be hunting in an archery-only hunt.
Idaho doesn't have any archery-only upland game seasons.

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Thursday, July 12, 2012 - 1:03 PM MDT