Why don't you publish the release date of pheasant stocking? Someone is telling. Because the day of release everyone shows up. When you don't stock very few people show up. Why?


We don't publish the release dates because they are not always the same, and because it will reduce crowding if not everyone knows.  The WMA managers try to mix it up some on timing and location to spread out harvest.  We cannot stock more than once or twice a week because it is so expensive.  Each bird costs the Dept. $17.  However, on some WMAs, not all pheasants are shot when they are released and continue to provide opportunity for those willing to hunt the thicker cover.  On release days, some hunters are guessing correctly, and some may be calling their friends.  Most hunters rush to the normal release sites and it can be very crowded.  There is no perfect system that we have developed, but it provides a very valuable opportunity for many hunters that would otherwise not be able to find pheasant hunting on their own.  We believe that publishing the release dates would only exacerbate the situation.  Thanks for your comment.

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Monday, December 2, 2013 - 11:25 AM MST