Why doesn’t the IDFG limit the amount of out of state hunters drawn for the Super Hunts? This is a fabulous program and it is a shame that the sheer number of out of state applicants has drastically limited the odds of residents drawing.

Why is this program set up without restrictions on amount of out of state winners? Is it just about the money? Are we just raffling away our resources to out of state hunters?
This is the best hunting program in all of the US and people are starting to realize this as shown by the vast increase of out of state applicants making it difficult for the winner to be from Idaho. I believe the IDFG need to make it more like the controlled hunts.
Why should it be that there is a better chance of an out of state hunter drawing a Super Hunt then a resident?
I have asked this question several times a year over the last 2 years and still have not received an answer.


The objective of the Super Hunt is to raise funds to help pay for the Access Yes! program.  Access Yes! compensates landowners across the state to open up their private property to hunting, fishing and wildlife dependent recreation.
The Super Hunt is a raffle and is open to anybody wishing to participate.  People interested in participating can purchase as many opportunities as they wish.
It has often been stated that the majority of winners are out-of-state hunters.  But this is incorrect, the majority of tags each year have been going to Idaho residents.  In 2012 62% of the tags went to resident hunters and in 2010, 74% of the tags went to Idaho residents.

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Wednesday, July 10, 2013 - 2:52 PM MDT