Why are you not stocking Lake Walcott with more trout. according to the stocking report you only put 400 fish in this year,this is a excellent fishery and should be stocked much better


We did reduce stocking in Lake Walcott in 2013.  There are a couple of reasons:
First, the price of fish feed has increase almost 80% over the past 5 years.  This has caused us to reduce production in our hatcheries and focus the rainbow we stock to waters where high percentages of the fish are caught by anglers.  As you can guess, Lake Walcott is a large body of water with limited boat access because of restrictions to protect nesting waterfowl.  Consequently, our return to creel of rainbow trout in Lake Walcott is low.
The other reason we scaled back stocking of rainbow trout in Walcott in 2013 is because we knew American Falls Reservoir, just upstream of Lake Walcott, was going to be practically drained during the irrigation season.  That means, many fish from American Falls will pass through the dam and end up in Lake Walcott.  We were hoping this influx of fish would offset our reduction in stocking of rainbow trout.

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Tuesday, November 26, 2013 - 4:04 PM MST