Who can I write to about current laws?

I understand that the Luminok was put into a proposal in the past. I don't understand what public they were speaking to on the proposal though. Any true archery hunter in the country, knows that they do absolutely nothing more then help know where your shot went. I think this subject needs to brought up again with more detail.


It depends on if we are talking about fishing and hunting seasons, bag limits, gear restrictions, etc.
For setting both fish and hunting rules, we have an extensive public input process we follow.  Our Fish and Game Commission actually approved a policy document in 2006 that outlines all steps.  We can send it to you - if you wish.  Just send a follow-up e-mail.
As for making recommendations on changes to fish or wildlife rules, the best time to write us a letter, e-mail or attend public meetings to express your ideas are in January.  Big game public input meetings usually start mid-January with culmination of season setting in March.
Fishing rules are now last three years and the next opportunity to provide input will be in January 2015.  We will take input prior to that date and hold it for consideration until 2015.

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Thursday, November 21, 2013 - 4:49 PM MST