where is a good catfishing area in the southwest region near meridian or boise

What lakes, ponds,dams, reservoirs.
What baits are recommended


Our best channel catfish area is the Snake River downstream of Swan Falls Dam all the way down to and including the upper 1/3 of Brownlee Reservoir. This is nearly 120 miles of river and another 20 miles of reservoir that has a very abundant channel catfish population. There are also some flatheads in the lower reach, downstream of Parma.
We have many access points that can be found on the fish planner. 
Other waters include:
Crane Creek Reservoir, lower Payette River, Lake Lowell, the bruneau pool and loveridge bridge area of CJ Strike reservoir.  We also capture and relocate wild fish to many small ponds in the valley including Caldwell gun club and rotary, Parkcenter, McDevitt, Eds, Horseshoe Bend, Sawyers, Quinns, and riverside ponds.  

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Friday, March 29, 2013 - 10:59 AM MDT