Where can I find a few deer and elk sheds in the magic valley or up around Hailey?

I am looking for a fairly easy place to find some deer and elk sheds. I am a disabled veteran and don't have a whole lot of mobility. I live in the Twin Falls area and would go north to the Hailey area or East to the Burley area or even just up in the South Hills. I don't want anyones secret canyon, or anything like that, just an area where they winter and I might stuble on a couple of sheds.


Good Morning,
Sorry for the delay on responding to your question.There are quite a few places I can think of where you could possibly find some shed antlers. Mule deer start dropping their antlers in January/Early February. Because most of the deer antlers have been on the ground for quite some times, the easy ones have probably already been picked up. However, there are places where deer wintered in heavy sagebrush cover, where I am sure you could still pick up a few antlers.For deer - I would go to the sagebrush flats on the Bennett Mt. front. Like I said, I would look in places that have heavy sagebrush, where antlers cannot be easily seen, such as the flats around Clover Creek, Bennett Creek, Teapot Dome and Pioneer Reservoir. I have picked up many deer antlers in all of those areas, late into the summer.
Elk antlers are going to be a bit more difficult, as elk normally winter quite a ways off the beaten path. However, some easier places to find antlers (where elk have wintered) are the Picabo Hills, Fish Creek (outside of Carey), and Browns Bench (west of Salm on Falls Reservoir.
Hopefully some of these places help, and good luck!
Magic Valley RegionLandowner/Sportsmen Coordinator

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Monday, March 28, 2016 - 8:00 AM MDT