Where are big catfish in Idaho?

I have only caught catfish out of Park Center pond (Average ~2-3lbs) and near Brownlee Reservoir off of the shore (Average ~2-4lbs). I really want to catch some bigger cats this year. I have not had any luck on the Snake river at Swan Falls or Snake River near Homedale fishing by the boat launch. I have heard of people pulling in bigger cats (10+lbs) from Swan Falls... are they doing overnights there to do this? Peak hours when I have caught 6 cats in a night were from 10p-4a.
Where can I go (Anywhere in Idaho) and have the best chance of getting some bigger catfish? Either Channel or Flathead, just started catfishing last year really.


It sounds like you are fishing in the prime locations to catch larger catfish.  The Fort Boise Wildlife Management Area (where the Boise River meets the Snake River) is a location known to attract larger catfish and the Steck Park area down by Weiser is another good location.  May is typically the prime month for catching large catfish in the Snake River.
If you want to try new areas, later this summer try fishing for channel catfish in Lake Lowell near Nampa or Milner Reservoir located near Burley, Idaho.  Both have been stocked for many years and can be very productive with the best success coming at night with cut-bait.  Another popular location is the Bruneau Arm of C.J. Strike Reservoir or Cove Arm on upper C.J. Strike.

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Monday, April 21, 2014 - 11:57 AM MDT