When is the Farragut Shooting Range going to open?

Will there be a charge or any restrictions to use it? Do you have to have a hunting license to use it?


Thank you for your interest in the reopening of the Farragut Public Shooting Range. In November 2012 the Idaho Supreme Court reversed a lower District Court ruling and partially lifted the injunction closing the range. Before we can reopen the Range there are some legal housekeeping matters that remain to be resolved. Consequently, I can not provide a firm date for reopening at this time but we expect to open in early to mid summer. Cost to use the range is $5 per person per day. In addition to that charge you will need to either be in possession of an annual Idaho State Parks pass or pay the Park daily use fee. We are in the process of completing a new access road to the range. In the future and perhaps even before the end of the 2013 shooting season, range users will have direct access to the range without having to travel through the Park and pay the Park entrance fee if the Range is the only facility they want to use.

Answered on: 
Monday, May 6, 2013 - 10:55 AM MDT