When do the steelhead arrive in the creeks of the Potlatch River drainage?

I am trying to see them run through Troy and wonder if they can make it through the culvert that goes under highway 8 and up Big Meadow Creek past my house.


Thanks for the question regarding Potlatch River steelhead.  In the Big Bear Drainage, which included the West Fork of Little Bear and Big Meadow Creek, steelhead should be in the middle of spawning right now.  Our past surveys have shown that they typically start spawning after water temperatures go above 41 degrees Fahrenheit.  They should definately be around Troy right now.  Regarding the HWY 8 culvert, we believe the culvert is a passage barrier.  While we have found a few rainbow trout in the upper parts of Big Meadow Creek on the forest we don't find them above the culvert.  However, they are found in high densities directly below the culvert.  We are currently working with ITD on getting the culvert modified to allow for adult steelhead passage in the near future.

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Tuesday, March 25, 2014 - 10:15 AM MDT