When can i buy a resident licence?

I moved to Idaho Jan. 15th & was issued a state drivers licence Jan. 27th 2014. What is the EXACT date I can purchase my resident hunting and fishing licence. I love to hunt and fish and it's a major part of my life, but i am not wealthy enough to purchase the non-resident licence when I can buy a resident licence coming soon, and am tired of scraping money together to buy 1 day fishing licence when i get a chance to go. So the earlier the better for me so i can do more of what I love> I thank you for whatever answer you give and look forward to enjoying more of this beautiful state and what has to offer


You need to have resided in Idaho for 6 months, so on June 15th you will qualify for a resident license.  There are several ways you can prove that you moved to Idaho on January 15th.  Show us rent statements that demonstrate the date you move to your residence, a letter from your employer stating the date you started work, or utility receipts showing when your service was started.
I would suggest you take this information to the regional Fish and Game Office near where you live - in the event they have questions regarding your "moved to Idaho" date.

Answered on: 
Thursday, May 15, 2014 - 4:05 PM MDT