Whats the procedure for storing chinook salmon while camping/fishing for a few days?

We want to camp for a few days and fish for salmon. We'll have our motorhome and want to freeze what we catch the first couple days. What needs to be done to the fish to make it legally stored so we can show the fish & game officer if they ask. Do you just have to keep the head & tail on? Or ? Thank you very much for your time!!


The Chinook carcass needs to be kept as cool as possible to discourage bacteria growth. 
When you are done fishing for the day and your fish is recorded on your Salmon permit, you can:  remove the head and tail provided the skin of the fish remains attached to the flesh including a portion from a healed, clipped adipose fin scar.  The fish must be processed or packaged ina manner that the number of fish harvested can be readily determined.  Processed Chinook or steelhead can not be transported by boat in Idaho.

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Tuesday, July 16, 2013 - 2:06 PM MDT