What is the process for a Disabled Veteran to receive the discounted licenses?

I am a disabled vet (40%) living in Mountain Home,Id. Is there somewhere I can send the documentation to have my info in the system or do I have to take it into an office? Where is the nearest office to Mountain Home to take it to?
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Sorry for the delay in responding to your question. 
You have two options:  Your nearest IDFG office is located at 600 South Walnut, Boise, ID 83707-9973; or you can mail the information to IDFG Licensing Section, P.O. Box 25, Boise ID 83707-9973.  However, if you send it by mail, please include a photocopy of your Idaho driver's license.   

Answered on: 
Friday, December 13, 2013 - 3:37 PM MST