What position does IDFG take on House Joint Resolution 2aa? What action are you taking?

House Joint Resolution 2aa proposes a constitutional amendment that would politicize fisheries and wildlife managment decisions, placing those decisions in the hands of politicians rather than resource management scientists and researchers. It would remove your department's right to ban certain types of hunting and trapping practices even when collected data and research deem them necessary for sustained yield. It could remove your right to restrict inhumane and unsportsmanlike practices. What is IDFG doing to assure that fisheries and wildlife resources are properly managed for the health of the resource populations and the benefit of future consumptive and nonconsumptive needs.


Are you referring to Constitutional Amendment (HJR2a)? The Department has no position on this ballot initiative.  The Commission, as the policy body, supports the ballot initiative.  More information can be found on the following at:  http://www.sos.idaho.gov/ELECT/INITS/2012amend.htm

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Thursday, October 11, 2012 - 4:45 PM MDT