What portion of trophy tags ,such as sheep moose and goat, are allocated for non-resident hunters and what is the drawing process?

I am interested in hunting sheep in idaho but as i went through the draw odds it seems some units have more nonresidents apply than residents but no out of state hunters drew a tag .Is it a percentage of total tags ordo only some units allow nonresident hunters?If it is just a percentage would knowing the order of the draw,such as the order in which the units were drawn , be helpfull in being at the "front of the line"?


Up to 10% of the tags alloted to every controlled hunt can go to nonresident hunters--we don't guarantee that 10% will, but up to 10% can.  If a controlled hunt has less than 10 permits, only 1 can go to a nonresident.  Each application is given a unique application number.  Before the drawing takes place the applications are mixed up by the computer so the first applicant has the same chance as the last one to draw.  Idaho doesn't have a preference point system.
2013 Moose, sheep and goat rules will be out in March and the application period for those hunts is April 1-30.

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Wednesday, December 12, 2012 - 10:44 AM MST