What is the point of limiting hunting to outside National Forest System Boundary for elk during early season cow hunts? Can these boundaries be added to the big game regulations?

These hunts are designed to reduce depredation pressures from elk on private lands.  Elk will often move to private ground to avoid hunting pressure on public land thus causing impacts to private land owners.  They may be attracted to private land because of green lush pastures, irrigated farm ground, cultivated fields, or hay.  These "green field" hunts are designed to reduce elk pressure on private ground.  Allowing hunting on Forest Service and other public land would be counter- productive to the purpose of the hunt.  Our hunt planner mapping function on our website has land ownership boundaries, but your best bet would be to purchase a Forest Service map with the travel plans, boundaries, and big game units on them.  Printing these boundary descriptions in our big game rules book would be cost prohibitive and duplicative considering availability of the information from the US Forest Service.
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Friday, August 28, 2015 - 10:36 AM MDT