What kind of bullhead catfish is in Medicine Lake? Hardiness?

What kind of Bullhead Catfish exists in Medicine Lake in Medimont, Idaho?(yellow, brown, black, etc.) Are they the species that is very hardy in dug out farm ponds? How deep does a pond have to be for these catfish to survive? What do they do when farm ponds dry up? I'm doing a paper in Speech class on Bullhead Catfish. Thanks!


From our records, we show that brown bullhead are in Medicine Lake.  Bullhead are very hardy and will survive in low oxygen waters for extended periods of time.  They will not survive ponds being drawn down to a muddy environment. 
Once introduced into farm ponds, bullhead will persist for as long as there is water standing in the pond.  Provided the pond doesn't freeze to the bottom in the winter, bullheads will persist.

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Monday, September 30, 2013 - 10:02 AM MDT