What game fish can be caught on the Salmon River below North Fork to the Middle Fork with spinners after the steelhead season closes in the spring?

My family owns property in this segment and we use it year-round. I've never been able to really tell my older grandkids if they can fish and what they can keep. ( Or is it catch and release for all species?) This question assumes using non steelhead gear.


Rainbow trout (can only be kept if their adipose fin is missing), cutthroat trout, and there may be an occasional brook trout.  You can keep 6 trout (e.g. 4 rainbow, 2 cutthroat; 3 rainbow,, 3 cutthroat; etc.), 25 whitefish, and 25 brook trout.  You can also catch bull trout but you can’t keep them.

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Wednesday, May 16, 2012 - 2:54 PM MDT