what do i need to carry in my boat to be legal.

I have a 14 foot aluminum boat with a 9.5 hp motor on it. I was just wondering what all i need to carry in my boat while on the water in order to be legal.


Idaho Parks and Recreation enforces boating rules in Idaho.  What you need are:  a fire extinguisher, properly rated life jackets for all people in your boat, a whistle or horn that can be heard at a distance of 100 feet, and your current boat registration with hull sticker and ID numbers.   If operating at night, you must have a red/green light or marker lights on bow and white light on the stern.
Additional items you should have include a throw rope, emergency water and rations, extra waterproof clothing, signaling device/flare and of-course - your current fishing license and pole.

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Friday, June 6, 2014 - 4:41 PM MDT