What is the best place in the southwestern area to fish for trophy White Sturgeon?

I am new to the state and have wanted to catch a trophy White Stergeon. I have the necessary equipment for these big fish and will get a nonresident fishing licence because i have to be here 6 months for a resident licence. i have done my research on them, i just need pointed in the right direction> thankyou and i look forward to your answer


Sturgeon fishing in Idaho is a trophy experience.  Without knowing where you live, I'll list several general sites where you can catch a sturgeon.
Sturgeon forage for dead fish and other organic matter that settles in deep (20'+), back-eddy areas.  Use cut-bait (nongame fish pieces, anchovies, squid, hatchery rainbow trout, etc.).  You typically need 8 - 12 ounces of lead attached to a sliding sinker to hold your bait on the bottom.  Hooks must be barbless.
Snake River from Hell's Canyon to Lewiston.  Sturgeon fishing on this stretch almost requires a boat to access deep holes.  The Billy Creek hole is a popular location to fish - especially at night.
Snake River below Swan Falls - fish about half a mile below the dam where the river begins to deepen.
Snake River from Swan Falls to C.J. Strike Dam - the best sturgeon fishing begins just below C.J. Strike Dam near the turbine discharge and in the main channel below the spillway.  Fish deep water eddy lines.  There are also several deep areas further downstream the best fishing is in deeper areas within the first 5 miles of the river.
Snake River on the upper end of C.J. Strike Reservoir - Go into Cove Arm and fish off the dam.  Deeper water in this reach holds many 6' + sturgeon.
Snake River through the King Hill area to Bliss Dam.  Fish deep back-eddy areas.  There is a popular sturgeon fishing hole along I-84 approximately 5 miles downstream of Glenns Ferry.  It can be accessed from the south bank.
Snake River Buhl area.  Just below Kanaka Rapids is a popular spot to catch sturgeon.  The river is deep at the base of the rapid and you can easily land sturgeon from the shore.
Snake River Jerome/Twin Falls area.  There is a deep hole where Rock Creek enters the Snake River.  Sturgeon are also caught at the base of Pillar Falls.
Snake River below American Falls.  Below American Falls Dam anglers enjoy catching 6'+ sturgeon at come from hatchery fish stocked 10 - 15 years ago.
Snake River below Idaho Falls.  We've only stocked sturgeon in this area within the past 5 years.  Most will be less than 5' in length.   

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Tuesday, April 22, 2014 - 3:25 PM MDT