What Baits ARE legal to use for trapping in idaho?

If it is unlawful to use any part of a DOMESTIC or WILD origin game bird, big game, upland game, game fish, protected nongame wildlife, unprotected wildlife, or predatory wildlife for bait in trapping furbearing animals, then what CAN i use? a gold fish? no its domestic! A mouse? no its unprotected wildlife! A butterfly? no its unprotected wildlife . . . etc. PLEASE HELP ME!


Domestic or wild origin game animal refers to any game species whether it is raised in captivity (like a pheasant or elk) or is a wild animal that you have meat for.  You can use fish that are not game fish in Idaho, furbearer meat, chicken, beef, pig, etc. (they are not game animals in Idaho), lure, scent, etc..

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Tuesday, January 26, 2016 - 8:52 AM MST