What are the regulations for using two way radios for hunting big game

Is it legal to use walkie talkies in the pursuit of big game? Specifically directing hunters, informing hunters of game movement, etc?
Specifically elk and deer?


Idaho Code and Idaho Fish and Game commission rules do not prohibit the use of two way radios for hunting big game, EXCEPT, Idaho Code prohibits the use of aircraft to spot or locate game and communicate the location to any person on the ground.
Idaho Code 36-1101:
3. Communicate from Aircraft. Make use of aircraft in any manner to spot or locate game animals, game birds or fur-bearing animals of this state from the air and communicate the location or approximate location thereof by any signals whatsoever, whether radio, visual or otherwise, to any person then on the ground.

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Monday, October 28, 2013 - 8:30 AM MDT