What are the long term plans for the tiger muskie in the alpine lakes north of McCall?

These lakes used be to be great places to take kids hiking and fishing but now seem to be devoid of life other than a few very large tiger muskie that I have seen cruising these lakes. Will this remain indefinitely or will they be removed and native fish reintroduced at some point. I know the point was to control the Brook trout but they were alot of fun to catch. These lakes from the information I could gather are Twin Lakes, Twin Grassy lakes, Corral lake, Granite Lake, Upper Hazard and several others. It is very dissappointing to see this happen to some great fisheries that my family has enjoyed for 30+ years.


The tiger muskie plants were part of a fish research project to see if the sterile predators could reduce or eliminate stunted brook trout populations in mnt lakes. The fish wer stocked in 2005 and followed through this summer. They can definately turn a brook trout population around to either eliminate them, it seemed the size of the lake was critical or drastically reduce the number of brook trout and increase individual size of remaining brookies. There are few remaining tiger muskie left and all lakes were restocked with either rainbow or westslope cutthroat trout. Upper Hazrd was left alone,  the treatment was partially successful as far as removal. The brook trout there will come back quickly.

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Friday, September 14, 2012 - 10:01 AM MDT