What are the dates for your early deer hunt 2014? White tail or Mule deer either one.

What part of the state has the best chance to take a nice, big mule deer or white tail? How do I get an out of state hunting license and tag?


You have a few different questions.  The earliest deer hunt in 2014 occurs in August, but it is not the best hunt.  There are many equally excellent big buck hunting units in the state that are Controlled hunts.  You can look at the success rates and number of 4 or 5 points in the harvest by visiting our IDFG website and visiting our hunting webpage, then apply for one of the hunts in May.  We also have many general hunts that you can participate in with an over-the-counter tag.  We annually kill many large mule deer and whitetail with general tags across the state.  You can find the latest rules and information on our IDFG website hunting page at: http://fishandgame.idaho.gov/public/hunt/

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Monday, December 2, 2013 - 11:40 AM MST