Waterfowl hunting near Chesterfield.

I have been waterfowling hunting near chesterfield reservoir and I have noticed alot of "no hunting" signs on access points on the Portnuef River that haven't been there in the past. I was wondering if these were placed there by the Fish and Game or if someone just thinks they are being funny.


Downstream of Chesterfield Reservoir off Kelly Toponce Road along the Portneuf River, we were able to locate some new "No Hunting" signs that had been posted at the access site owned by the King Creek Grazing Association on Croney Road.  IDFG has an agreement with King Creek to allow access through their land for fishing.  We contacted King Creek to determine if they had closed this access to hunting and we were informed that it has not been closed to hunting for upland game and waterfowl, but that without express and prior permission it is closed for big game hunting.  The signs are being removed.  You can continue to hunt waterfowl at this location.  If your question pertains to a different part of the Portneuf River, please contact your local office for additional information.

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Monday, December 17, 2012 - 1:46 PM MST