Unsuccessful archery elk tag A be used for Rifle tag B?

If i do not harvest elk during archery hunt can i use the same tag to hunt the same area during rifle season? If yes can you use tag A Archery in Tag B Any Weapon?
For example Elk zone Wiser River Zone (unites 22,32,32A) from aug 15-sept 30 has a Tag A for archery if i buy this tag and I am unsuccessful during Archery can i use that tag for Tag B for Any weapon Oct-25-Nov3?


If you purchase a 2014 A Tag for the Weiser zone, you can only hunt during the dates, in the units and with weapon restrictions shown in the 2014 big game booklets for the Weiser A Tag (see page 44 of the 2014 Big Game Seasons and Rules brochure).
If you wish to hunt in the October 25 to November 3rd hunt, you must have a Weiser B Tag. You can purchase a second general season elk tag at the reduced nonresident price ($300.75) starting August 1, which would allow you to have both the A and the B tag for the Weiser zone.

Answered on: 
Wednesday, July 30, 2014 - 11:45 AM MDT