Unmanaged how rapidly would the wolf population grow, allowing only for incidental, natuaral and accidental mortality?

With that total protection ( ESA) in place what would the population be in 20 years ? In Idaho? Inthe Yellowstone ecosystem?
What is the daily food requirements for a mature wolf ,? In pounds of meat ? For an average pack that is how many deer,elk, etc. a day, week , etc.?


In recent years wolf numbers were increasing at about 15% per year in absence of hunting. Primary source of mortality was depredation control. In absence of that, perhaps 20% or so. Population Growth rate would slow as food availability became limited (numbers would not continue to grow indefinitely). Estimates for wolf predation range about 12-20 big game animals per wolf per year. Mid point of 16 deer/elk per wolf per year is reasonable for an average. 

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Thursday, April 12, 2012 - 8:47 AM MDT