University level bow hunting class.

I am having a really hard time getting in to do the IDFG's bow hunters education courses. They are never offered close to me during the school year, then when I go home over the summer they are never close to home.
The University of Idaho has a bow hunting class geared towards hunting and someone mentioned that they thought it also counted towards the requirements for the Idaho Bow hunter education course. Just curious if anyone could verify this?


University of Idaho's archery course does not meet Fish and Game's curriculum requirements - it’s more about shooting techniques.  Fish and Game's course is geared for archery hunting  and includes hunter ethics, shot placement and recovery techniques, safety, distance judging, outdoor suvival and Idaho laws and regulations.  However, we plan to work closely with UI again this spring to host a 1-day "field" completion course in Moscow for college students who complete the online bowhunter course offered through out website:
For more information on upcoming courses and field days in the Moscow/Lewiston-area, please contact the Clearwater Regional office at 208-799-5010.  The convienent online course is specifically designed for busy students, shift workers or those needing extra time.   

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Friday, November 15, 2013 - 12:09 PM MST