Unit 37 elk

I drew a unit 37 bull tag. Where would be a good area to get into elk?


Consider the following 3 options:
Most of the elk reside in the southern portion of the Unit, from Grouse Peak to the southern boundary of the unit.  This area is mostly public land, topographically diverse and high elevation.  You are likely to find elk in any drainage, particularly those with perennial creeks. There is good motorized access to much of this area with the opportunity to hike into remote areas as well.  Consult the Forest Service and BLM travel plan maps.
Along the north end of the unit adjacent the Salmon River, elk can be found in the dry foothills during the day.  They move to fields along the Salmon River at night.  Access is more restrictive here and landowner contacts would be helpful in this area.
The Pahsimeroi River lies within the eastern boundary of the unit.  The riparian zone is quite extensive and elk are common.  Access to private property is required here to hunt the private lands.

Answered on: 
Wednesday, August 6, 2014 - 9:15 AM MDT