Unfilled Draw tags

There are unfilled draw tags that open on August 1st I have been calling the Boise office and was told they would not go on sale until a week after the hunt opened .Why would you do this.
By unfilled I mean they were not drawn out and they were left over. Specific Hunt number 2079 . I understand the fact people have until august 1st to pick up there draw tags but these were not drawn so why would they be held hostage Until after the hunt opens There are multiple hunts that are the same way.


On page 110 of the 2014 big game proclamations, we have the following statement.
Leftover Controlled HuntsSecond drawing: To ensure everyone has equal opportunity at leftover and unclaimed controlled hunt tags, there will be two drawings for deer, elk, pronghorn and fall black bear hunts. all unclaimed tags and all leftovers, (does not include unlimited hunts) will be available for a second drawing around August 20. The Application period is August 5 to 15. Any tags left over after the second drawing will be sold first-com, first-served.
The Fish and Game Director does have the authority to designate certain leftover controlled hunt tags to become available earlier on a first-come, first-served over-the-counter basis due to the dates of the hunt. Once the Department knows the number of tags that will be available (includes unfilled and unclaimed tags), we must provide the hunting community with the information of when they will be available and how many tags are available. The Department plans to provide that information through a news release on Monday August 4. It is the Departments goal to make tags available for those hunts with an early August start date to all interested at 10 am mtn time on August 6th or August 7th.
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Monday, July 14, 2014 - 8:39 AM MDT