Trapping [general questions]

I'm in the southeast region, and I was wondering when the trapping season officially starts. I am licensed but every year I start to late in the season so I want to start in the beginning this year. What tags do I need to trap mountain lion/and wolf. And what tags or permit do I need to start a ADC private business do I need to contact the fish and game or city hall? Thank you for your time.


Trapping rules and seasons can be found on our website at: .  Seasons for different species start at different times.  You cannot trap mountain lions legally.  However, you can trap wolves but you must first attend a mandatory wolf trapping class offered around the state.  To trap any animal, you will need to purchase a trapping license.  You can also purchase wolf tags.

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Wednesday, August 27, 2014 - 2:00 PM MDT