Trapping business

Hello, I was wonder long what I need to too do ADC trap work in the southeast region. I want to start a business but what permits do I need or license do I need I have my regular public trapping license . Is that all I need?


Thank you for taking the time to ask your question.  Issues involving nuisance wildlife are referred to as depredations.  A landowner with depredations may hire a third party or “agent” to control the wildlife as long as it is in accordance with all federal, state, and local regulations.   For example, a landowner could hire a licensed trapper to trap beaver on their property during the take season for beaver without any permit required.  If the trapping or killing of the nuisance wildlife is in conflict with current hunting/trapping regulations, a depredation permit issued by the Idaho Department of Fish and Game would be required.  Depredation permits are only issued by IDFG to landowners after all other means of control are exhausted.  These permits are issued on a case by case basis following an investigation by IDFG staff.  Once a depredation permit is issued to the landowner, it is legal for the landowner to designate an agent to trap and/or kill the offending animal(s).  Any agent of the landowner must have the appropriate state hunting or trapping license. For example, if a landowner agent were attempting to trap beaver, the agent would need to possess a valid Idaho trapper's license. If the agent were to hunt coyotes, they would need a valid Idaho hunting license.  Any wildlife taken on a depredation permit remain property of the state and must be turned over to IDFG.  Hopefully this has answered your question, but if you wish to talk in person you can contact me (208) 232-4703.  Thank you again for your question, Scott Wright, District Conservation Officer, Pocatello.

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Wednesday, July 30, 2014 - 4:51 PM MDT