Transporting processed game from camp to my home

I hunt from a base camp which is a friends cabin near my deer/elk hunting grounds. If I harvest my deer/elk early enough, I would like to take advantage of the cooler temps at the cabin to either fully cut and wrap, or if I have time restrictions, would at least like to cut/de-bone the animal for my trip home. How do I lawfully transport fully cut/wrapped game, or partially cut/de-boned game? Which leads to a second question: Is it legal to dispose of head/hide/carcass out on the land?


You must leave evidence of sex naturally attached to the largest part of the carcass until the final place of storage or personal consumption.  That means that if you bone and package the meat, you must leave a large chunk with the testicles, penis, vulva, or mammary left naturally attached and easily shown to an officer or biologist at a check station.  The tag must remain with the meat as well.  You also must keep your antlers if you harvest a bull, but you also need evidence of sex unless the antlers are naturally attached to the carcass.  You can package your meat and keep it in a cooler so long as these rules are followed.
We prefer you dispose of the carcass in a landfill.  Legs, hides, and heads are often left in campgrounds and along roads, and that is illegal.  Also, if you are butchering in a campground, be aware that bears and other carnivores may be attracted to scraps.  Please pick them up and dispose of them properly.

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Tuesday, October 29, 2013 - 4:13 PM MDT