There are not very many WILD PHEASANTS. Why is the daily limit still 3 ?

There are just a few areas where there are lots of wild Pheasants but over all not many WILD Pheasants . Why , WHY ? is the daily bag limit THREE ? It should be two or really zero . The number of wild birds is pathetic.


We still do pheasant surveys across the state and one of the factors we evaluate are sex ratios (number of males versus females) of the birds we observe.  Statewide, the ratio of male to female pheasants indicates adequate numbers of males to breed females.  Literature suggests, that if you have one male pheasant per 7 females pheasants, nearly all females will be bred.
That's why we still allow the harvest of 3 male pheasants per hunter.  In theory, it should have no impact on the reproducing part (females) of the pheasant population.

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Friday, January 10, 2014 - 8:00 AM MST