Tags not filled during Archery

If you purchase an Elk B Tag, and a Archery Permit does this limit you to hunt only archery season if you do not harvest an elk? I was told that this is not the case for a deer tag but I would like to be sure before I decide to shoot at anything. Also will I be limited to hunting with a bow because of this?
You may hunt the appropriate seasons for the tag you possess as listed in the current years big game rule booklets. For example if you purchase an Elk City B elk tag and an archery permit in 2015, you may participate in the early archery season and if you don't harvest in that season, you may participate in the any weapon season in October. Please contact us at 208-334-3700 if you have additional questions.
Answered on: 
Thursday, October 15, 2015 - 2:54 PM MDT