Survival rules?

We are relatively new survival enthusiasts, and are trying to get some information regarding rules. We have a few questions.
1. If we go out for a trip, with no food supplies and we trap or hunt/kill some small game, (ie: rabbit or something), is that allowed without a license?
2. If there are creatures that can be used without a license, where can I find a listing of them?
3. Does time of year dictate what can be taken, as in "in season"?
4. If we plan an longer trip, and we take big game (deer etc), and use all parts of the animal, is a license still required?
5. Are the licenses restricted to certain times of the year or are they year round?
6. What are the penalties for out of season?
7. Is there a limit to how many animals can be taken during one trip, and is there a limit to trip duration?
We are planning trips hopefully near Boise and Coeur d'Alene. Any information you can pass on (or if you could point us in the right direction) would be great. Thanks a bunch!


Idaho code and Fish and Game commission rules require anyone who hunts, fish, or traps to possess the appropriate license, permit, and tags. They must follow the seasons and all methods of take set by the Commission.
If a real emergency existed, discretion would be used. However, the scenario posed in the question suggests a planned event to foray in the wilds and live off the land. All fish and game rules and laws must be followed.
Certain wildlife, predatory and unprotected wildlife, can be taken year round by most means. A license is still required to hunt, fish, or trap. A list of classification of wildlife can be found at:
All other rules and information pertaining to the hunting/trapping of wildlife can be found at:
And fishing rules and seasons are located at:

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Monday, April 1, 2013 - 9:06 AM MDT