Is this summit to cover up the fact that they are broke from poor management practices, i.e. buying land we don't need from Boise?

whats this summit supposed to accomplish? are they broke or is the handwriting on the wall and they will be soon? What are they really covering up? does anyone know? i'd be interested in all input myself. Several attempts by persons in the legislature to raid I F&G funds failed this session. Why were these attempted at all and by whom? Who have they really pissed off and why? It is clear that there is less game and more livestock and wolves competing for the same resources than at anytime in my lifetime and that politics is being used instead of science and animal husbandry to manage our wildlife. example: units aren't closed and allowed to recover,predators are not being managed. The lottery system just sells less tags for more money, and makes more hunters mad because they can't draw a tag , but get charged $6.50 to try. They are tired of gambling with their hard earned money for something that is extremely overpriced as it is now and has less chance of success than a gambling house. what is going to be done about that? Is the I F&G going to go back to managing wildlife instead of people? That hasn't worked very well since it was implemented back in the 1970's. In other words you better come out with all the problems or your going to solve nothing , we won't believe a word you say! I,m not hiding behind a summit, why are you? The news paper is published everyday, out with it!


You clearly care deeply about having healthy wildlife populations in Idaho, about the costs of managing wildlife, how license dollars and spent, and about wildlife management in Idaho.  The Idaho Fish and Game department isn't broke today, but as Commission Chairman Randy Budge stated June 5, "...we will soon approach a crossroads at some point when tough decisions have to be made."  The Wildlife Summit is designed to bring out the challenges into the open and bring together hunters, anglers, trappers and conservationists - all who care about and enjoy Idaho's wildlife - to start a conversation about the future of wildlife management in Idaho.  We encourage you to watch Commissioner Budge's video clip on the Summit website.   It might help address some of your questions here.  We also encourage you to attend the Summit and share your opinions about the future of wildlife management in Idaho.  Thank you for your suggestions to put more information out in the daily newspapers.  We send them information  (news releases) about various things once a week in what we call our "newspack".  We will be sure to include information about the Summit every week between now and August 24-26, when the Summit occurs.  

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Monday, June 11, 2012 - 11:03 AM MDT