state record crappie out of crane creek reservoir

i want to go to crane creek and try for state record crappie . i can use all the help i can get. when should we go for crappie at crane creek? thank you.
If you are going for a big crappie, the best time will be in the spring time right before spawning. Crappie typically approach shallow water in spring to spawn when water temperatures are in the low to mid 60-degree range. Depending on the weather, that might be mid-April to late May. The best fishing in spring is usually during periods of warm stable weather. Finding crappie is the hardest part, since they can move daily and often bunch up in tight schools. Explore different types of lake structure near spawning flats such as lake points, creek channels, brush piles and ledges.  As water warms up, crappie will move up from deeper structure onto these shallow flats. Try a variety of lures, but small tube jigs tipped with scent or bait are a favorite for Idaho crappie. Rember, if you go for a Certified Weight Record, you'll need to weigh the fish on a certified scale and get a receipt. You can find complete information about the state record fish program and how to apply on the IDFG website here: Good luck!   Martin Koenig Sportfishing Program Coordinator  
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Wednesday, April 20, 2016 - 8:43 AM MDT