So out of the 80,000 approximate chinook crossing Lower Granite this spring/summer how many of those are headed to Idaho fisheries? How many of them return to the Snake (Hells Canyon), Clearwater,Salmon rivers.


Final accounting of returns will not be completed until late August but preliminary estimates of the split of adult returns over Lower Granite suggest that the contribtions to an adult passasge of 80,000 fish might be distributed approximately as follows:
Total Passage       80,000
Wild Natural        22,500
Hatchery              57,500
Among hatchery returns the preliminary distribution will likely be approximately as follows:
Clearwater           20,700   
Salmon                26,600   
 Hells Canyon       3,000
OR / WA               7,200          
Once again, these are preliminary and subject to change.   

Answered on: 
Tuesday, July 24, 2012 - 4:01 PM MDT