Sego Prairie Pond, Kuna

I fly fish at the Sego Prairie Pond in Kuna almost nightly. There are a lot of weeds, both in the water and floating on top, and some type of green scum on top that accumulates along the shore depending on which way the wind is blowing. Is Fish & Game working with the City of Kuna to help keep this a viable family fishing pond? Are anglers permitted to clean up some of the scum and weeds if we want? There is plenty of trash around the edge of the water that needs to be removed also. Since I fly fish, it sure would be nice if the grass and weeds on the banks were trimmed down. When I false cast, my extra line gets tangled in the weeds/grass, thus interfering with my distance casting. I really do enjoy this pond and hate to see its condition deteriorating. Thanks!


I understand your frustration. We have weed problems in several of the ponds at which we manage fish populations and fisheries. Although, IDFG stocks fish in Sego Pond, we do not manage weeds.  Sego Pond is managed by the city of Kuna. I heard that the city treated the pond earlier this year.  Treatments can be effective for rooted aquatic plants such as Eurasion watermilfoil or curly leaf pondweed.  The type of treatments that are utilized for these species are often ineffective for pond scum.  Frankly, very little is effective for pond scum that isn't toxic to fish. You would need to contact the city parks department to see if you can assist with removal. 

Answered on: 
Thursday, May 22, 2014 - 3:15 PM MDT