Salt in any form (liquid or solid) for bear bait

I need clarification regarding the above statement. The Regs say regarding the baiting of bear that "No person shall use salt in any form (liquid or solid) for bait". Where does one draw the line for using salt as bait? For example, pretty much any food out there already has salt (sodium) content within it, especially many of the typical meats that one would think to use for bear bait. So would the "salt" rule only be applicable here if you were to (for example) place extra salt upon the bait when placed it in the field? What about if (for example) you had cooked a bunch of hamburgers months earlier that you added extra seasonings that contain salt (e.g. seasoning salt, worstershire sauce etc), and then saved some of the meat for baiting?


The rule is written in order to prevent placement of salt blocks or liquid salt in order to create possible salt licks, which could artificially attract other big game.  Salt in food is not considered placing salt as bait. 

Answered on: 
Wednesday, February 12, 2014 - 4:56 PM MST