Rules on Chinook salmon in Deadwood River [Is a salmon permit required? What is the limit?]

Do I need a salmon permit to catch Chinook in deadwood? Is the season and limits the same as trout 6 in possession? Thanks.


The rules pertaining to land-locked Chinook Salmon as well as Deadwood Reservoir and tributaries are found on page 22-23 of the rules brochure.  For IDFG regulation purposes, land-locked Chinook Salmon are considered "trout".  You do not need a salmon permit to fish for or harvest them.  Land-locked Chinook are counted in your "trout" limit. So if you didn't harvest any other "trout" species, you could harvest up to 6 Chinook per day at Deadwood Reservoir. I remind you that "trout" bag and possession limits for Deadwood Reservoir are equal (i.e. you could never exceed 6 Chinook in possession regardless of the number of days fished). Please note on page 23 that the Deadwood Reservoir tributaries limit is only two "trout".  

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Friday, April 11, 2014 - 11:45 AM MDT