River Otter season opened....two otters per permit ...why a trapping season...when limit is so low ?

Such a low amount of river otters to be taken indicates to me they are still needing protection....surly there cannot be such a demand for that few pelts Thank you Bruce A Harten apple valley minnesota, frequent Idaho non res flyfisherman...elk hunter asajuice5@hotmail.com "fish barbless...catch n release"


Not only is there a limit on otters per trapper, but there is a quota for each region.  Once the quota for the region is reached, the trapping season for otters is closed.  Otter trapping quotas are based on providing a harvestable surplus of a percentage of the population.  We are looking at harvest of less than 5% based on best estimates.  We did not want one or two trappers harvesting the entire otter quota for a region, therefore we placed a bag limit on harvest per license.  Trappers are allowed to harvest 2 otters providing the quota for the region has not been met.  Quotas range from 15 - 30 otters per region depending on the region. We provide trapping opportunity for a species we believe has a harvestable surplus, but do not want to overharvest the population - hence the limit and quota.

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Wednesday, December 4, 2013 - 10:25 AM MST